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Kim Kardashian And Her Ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Had S** In Front Of A Fireplace To Honor Her Grandma, MJ

Kim Kardashian And Her Ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Had Sex In Front Of By Fireplace To Honor Her Grandma, MJ

Looks like this whole family is a joke! And as the days go by, it becomes difficult to believe pimp mama Kris did not set that s-x tape up for trends and money. In a recent episode of the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian claims she’s had s-x with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson in front of a fireplace to honor her grandma MJ since she’s had s-x there as well.

Well, her grandma MJ mentioned that she did that at quite a young age insinuating not at 41 years and a mother of 4 like Kim Kardashian. Kim recently claimed she is not ready for any relationship but who cares about relationships when you are getting banged by your ex-boyfriend anytime at any place?

We have to give it to this family when it comes to drama and sh-tty stuff. They’ve consistently served us all with drama episodes these years. And counting on them, they will continue to deliver high-quality sh-t like this.

Via Page Six:

She’s turning to grand-ma sutra to keep things hot with Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian told her 88-year-old grandmother MJ on the latest episode of “The Kardashians” that she had sex with Davidson in front of a fireplace to “honor” her.

“Pete and I were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend. And we were sitting in front of the fireplace just talking for hours,” began the Skims founder. Who uncomfortably licked her lips during this intro.

“And I was like, ‘My grandma told me you really live life when you have sex in front of the fireplace,’” she recalled telling Davidson, “and so we had sex in front of the fireplace in honor of you.”

Kim, 41, acknowledged that the action was “really creepy.” Though MJ only seemed to care whether it occurred in the hotel lobby or in private.

“How creepy to think about your grandma before having sex,” the Skkn founder quipped.

“But I was younger once,” MJ joked. “I was younger once.”

The sex must not have been fiery enough, as Kim and the “Saturday Night Live” alum broke up at the end of the summer after nine months of dating.

“Kim and Pete have decided to just be friends,” a source close to Kim shared with us

“I was younger once,” MJ joked.Instagram/kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian, who not soo long ago cried about people bringing up her sex tape to humiliate her. Is on live TV, gladly talking about her sex experience with her 28 years old ex-partner. There’s no limit to the things this family can do for trends. Who in the Kardashians is less dramatic per your observation?

Here is the clip of Kim Kardashian revealing to having s-x with Pete Davidson:

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