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Kennedy’s Ex-girlfriend Is ‘Bleeding’ & Depressed After She Was Dumped For Tracy – Full Gist

Kennedy's Ex-girlfriend Is 'Bleeding' & Depressed After She Was Allegedly Dumped For Tracy - Full Gist

Fresh rumours making waves on the Instagram page of ThoseCalledCelebs have it that ex-girlfriend of Kennedy Asante Osei, Dr Osei Kwame Despite’s son is ‘bleeding’ and depressed after she was allegedly dumped for Tracy!

According to the rumours, Kennedy allegedly dumped his ex-girlfriend over blood type incompatibility and settled on Tracy─and that makes a lot of sense.

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A lot of factors come into play before a man settles on a particular woman for marriage and one of those factors is blood type compatibility. It’s very necessary to know the blood type of a partner before popping the question, will you marry me?

I think Kennedy’s ex-girlfriend was just unlucky and it’s best she moves on if these rumours are anything to take seriously.

TRENDING RUMOURS: Tracy & Kennedy’s Traditional Marriage Happened At Despite’s Compound Instead Of Her Father’s House

The wedding was lavish and super expensive but that shouldn’t get this ex-girlfriend depressed since the reason for the breakup makes sense.

Take a read at the screenshots below.

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