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Kendal Jenner Denies Claims About Photoshopping Her Hand – “They’ve Always Been Bizarre”

Kendal Jenner Denies Claims About Photoshopping Her Hand - "They've Always Been Bizarre"

Kendall Jenner is again being dragged for photoshopping her images to the extreme. The model posted bikini images of herself online, and according to fans, one particular image look too fake to be real. So they called the 26-year-old out for the charade.

However, Kendall and her group of friends responded by saying: Kendall has always had unusual hands, and it has nothing to do with photoshop. Kendell and her friend Hailey Bieber recorded a video to show fans that indeed, Kendall is tall with a long hand she can weirdly twist.

Well, fans did not buy the story: they said it is BS. Kendall’s hand may be long but not as long as it was captured in the images.

Via ET;

Kendall Jenner is addressing rumors that she photoshopped a recent photo.

It all started after the model took to Instagram to share a slideshow of photos over the weekend, which saw Jenner lounging in a bikini and enjoying time at the beach. While most of the photos appeared par for the course, there was one pic in particular that sent fans into a tailspin.

The photo, which sees Jenner in a string bikini, shows the 27-year-old squatting using her toes and fingertips to keep her steady. The “photoshop fail” fans are pointing out is a result of her right hand, which commenters claim looks far too “long” to be real.

“What up with that hand tho,” one user wrote, with another commenting, “Why? what is wrong with your fingers?”

A third user commented, “why the long hand?”

The discourse continued on Reddit, with one user suggesting that a combination of a misused filter and failed photoshopping were to blame.

“We can almost clearly outline what exactly was edited. It’s like they filtered the photo then edited the photo and the changes no longer had the filter applied and they forgot to reapply it before posting,” the user suggested.

Jenner addressed the backlash via friend and fellow model, Hailey Bieber, who took to her Instagram Stories Wednesday to share a video of Jenner’s hand, proving that not only is it long, but it’s as “bizarre” as the internet claims it to be,

“While you’re sitting here analyzing, look how bizarre her hand looks normally,” Bieber says while Jenner flashes her hand for the camera. “This is live. Live footage of the hand.”

Jenner, meanwhile, is seemingly taking the outrage over her appendage in stride, chuckling as she moves her hand about for Bieber’s 50 million followers.

“It’s crazy,” Jenner can be heard saying through laughs.

“Been had long a** hands x fingers,” Bieber who added a few alien emojis to her caption, wrote over the video.

This is not the first time Jenner has faced photoshopping claims. She previously faced flack after some users accused her of photoshopping her waist in several social media posts.

Kendall Jenner may be photoshopping just like all the Kardashian sisters, but photoshopping her hand to look that bad will be ridiculous. The hand is long, and she did photoshop to make it look more terrible.

Here is Hailey Bieber defending Kendall Jenner’s photoshop mess:

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