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Kelis And Her Two Kids Almost Involved In A Car Crash

Kelis And Her Two Kids Almost Involved In A Car Crash

41-year-old R&B singer Kelis Rogers-Mora was out with her two kids exploring the night snow when her car got stuck and almost went over the cliff. Gladly, the singer and her two kids got out of the deadly accident safe and sound.

While help came through to rescue Kelis’s car, the singer took t social media to showcase her fashion sense while the rescue team struggled in the snow to get her car out of the snow.

Well, it wasn’t a good time to showcase how good and expensive one looks, but Kelis felt otherwise and used the opportunity to advise her fans to always look good due to unforeseen circumstances.

Via Media Take Out;

R&B singer Kelis is lucky to be alive, and so are her kids. The beautiful mother of three nearly drove her SUV off the side of a mountain, while taking the family on a ski trip, Media Take Out has learned.

And she decided to go on Instagram shortly after the accident, and give her fans a fashion show – to show off the fit she was wearing when she nearly lost her life.

Here’s what happened. Kelis was driving home from a day of skiing with her three kids and their equipment. She ended up driving down the side of the mountain in the pitch dark, and she lost control of the vehicle, and nearly fell off the side of the mountain.

God was on her side, and the truck got stuck, before it plunged down the more than 100 foot mountain. Media Take Out confirmed that Kelis and her kids were all fine, but a little shaken up.

Once help arrived, Kelis decided to hop on Instagram, and share her story – but not before doing a full “fit check”, where she described in detail her entire (very expensive) outfit.

Kelis’ switch from almost dead to jolly is awkward and admirable if you ask me.

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