Keche Andrew Dumped His Wife With 2 Kids To Marry His Boss, Joana Gyan Because Of Her Money

Keche Andrew's Wife, Joana Gyan Has Slept With All The Male Artists She Has Managed
Keche Andrew & Wife, Joana Gyan

I’m sure Keche Andrew and his boss-wife, Joana Gyan are busily enjoying their honeymoon for the 106th time after tying the knot on Saturday, November 30, 2019, in a colourful traditional ceremony.


There is a fresh gossip on the Instagram page of @ThoseCalledCelebs and it has to do with how Keche Andrew smartly and allegedly dumped his wife with two kids to marry his boss, Joana Gyan─for the money.

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In a message sent to the Instagram of ThoseCalledCelebs, Keche’s dumped wife is known as Asantewaa and according to the message, they dated for 14 to 15 years before tying the knot.

Let me make it short, the message claims Keche Andrew convinced his wife, Asantewaa to sign divorce papers with a vain promise that he will come back to her after marrying and milking cash out of his boss, Joana Gyan, who is the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited.

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The message also alleges that Keche Andrew is a chronic cheat and a woman-beater.

Read the full message on the screenshot below.