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Keanu Reeves Son Dustin Tyler

Social media was thrown into a state of confusion when reports of Keanu Reeve’s son Dustin Tyler made headlines. One thing he has always tried to keep away from the public eye is his personal life.

Today we will look at Keanu Reeves’s son Dustin Tyler.

Who is Dustin Tyler?

Dustin is a social media star born on the 13th of October 1985 in a suburb of Minnesota who claims he never had the chance to meet his biological father because he left home when he was little.

Keanu Reeves’ son Dustin Tyler’s career

He is a very popular person in the social media space and is active on all the networking apps from Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. He has been able to gain a huge following all across the world.

He battled with drug addiction at a point in his life which almost destroyed him but he sought treatment and recovered from it. He currently works as a tattoo artist, an occupation he started learning in his teens, he has a large part of his body covered with writings with different meanings. He also works as a barber who is very good at what he does.

He gained media attention after posting on his TikTok that he is the biological son of actor Keanu Reeves, a claim which one can’t tell whether it’s true or false. With a close look at his face, one can see some striking resemblances he shares with the actor.

Is Dustin Tyler Keanu Reeve’s son?

Keanu presently has no kids of his own, he lost his only daughter whom she had with the late actress Jennifer Syme in 2001. A situation that shattered him completely and kicked him into depression.

He is currently the godfather of movie producer Brenda Davis’s child. He is not the father of Dustin Tyler.

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