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Katie Rost Begs Her Former Boss Andy Cohen To Cast Her For Real Housewives Of Potomac Again After Few Days Of Working Minimum Wage Job

Former Housewives Of Potomac Star Katie Rost Is Broke And Now Works For $14 Per Hour

Turns out that working a real job is tougher than it seems and not something wannabe celebrities can survive.

Earlier this month, sacked Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost took to Instagram to celebrate her working a minimum-wage job at Bethesda Co-op. Barely a month on, Katie has ditched her minimum wage job and is begging her former boss Andy Cohen to cast her back.

Katie lashed out at Andy Cohen back in 2019 after she was left out of the season 4 reunion, although she was part of the cast. While Andy never responded to Katie, she was never called back to the show.

Katie has been acting tough and claiming things are fine, but she took to Twitter to apologize to Andy and begged him to cast her back. B-tch just realized minimum wage will not give her the fancy life she craves for.

Page Six Reports,

Katie Rost is ready to hold up her champagne glass once again.

The former “Real Housewives of Potomac” star, 42, revealed that she begged Andy Cohen, who executive produces the franchise, for her job back.

“I’ve asked Andy Cohen to bring me back, apologized, gone to shul and said sorry,” she tweeted Wednesday referring to her 2019 tweets to the host, 54, over her absence from the show’s Season 4 reunion.

“All that stuff. Radio silence.”

She added, “I have a lot going on that a lot of people can relate to and a-lot HAS changed. I’m reliable. If they are still casting. Hire me. I’m here. And I’m real. #RHOP for real.”

Things between Rost and Cohen took a turn when the mom of three lashed out at the “Watch What Happens Live” host for not inviting her to the show’s Season 4 reunion in 2019.

“Everyone knows I should be on that couch,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post at the time. “You want to exploit my image and life and not give me my time to shine?”

Three years later, Rost issued an apology to Cohen for “statements I made that weren’t cool in the past.”

She also made her initial plea for her job back, saying, “I do want a job. And I swear I will totally behave. I’m also sorry for my temper tantrums. I feel no thirst. I just want to work.”

Rost’s latest plea to return to the hit Bravo show comes more than two weeks after she revealed that she was now working a minimum-wage job at Bethesda Co-op, an organic market in Cabin John, Md., after completing rehab.

“Jesus Christ, I started working, like a real job. I just got off of an 8 hour shift working minimum wage,” she wrote on Instagram on Feb. 3.

I feel like a real person instead of a reality tv person; I made $14 an hour, … Keepin it real.”

A few days later, Rost revealed that she had relapsed after recently completing a stint in rehab.

“I relapsed, I had decided to abstain from drugs, white claw and Adderall, and sex, tonight I failed in one of those,” she tweeted on Feb. 8.

“I did what I should went [sic] immediately to a meeting,” she continued. “But yup, starting over: day 1.”

Hopefully, Andy Cohen takes her back before she relapses again.

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