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Kash Doll Denies Rumors That She Signed On BMB Record Label To Afford Her Plastic Surgeries

Kash Doll Denies Rumors That She Signed On BMB To Afford Her Plastic Surgeries

Kash Doll was accused of signing on the BMB Record label mainly to get money to afford her many plastic surgeries and not to invest in her craft.

However, Kash Doll has responded to the accusations, claiming that although she used part of the money for her surgeries, that was not the main reason for signing on the label.

She continued that the main reason for signing on BMB was money. She needed money desperately, and that was why she signed on the label. The money she eventually used for plastic surgeries, so it is fair to say she signed on the label in order to afford her multiple surgeries.

When asked about the big mess in BMB before her messy exit, Kash Doll claimed she had no memories of the happenings that led to her chaotic exit.

Via VladTV;

 Kash Doll on Deb Antney Discovering Her Bad Deal, Vlad Reveals Label Boss’ Drug Cases

In this clip, Vlad started off asking Kash Doll about rumors that she signed to BMB Records in exchange for surgery, which she denied, and added that she wanted money. Kash Doll also denied rumors that her house was raided, and Vlad asked about signing to MNRK records. When asked about getting out of her deal at Republic, Kash Doll admitted that it was an easy situation that she asked for.

Kash Doll did nothing than confirm that she indeed signed with BMB in exchange for her plastic surgeries and also lied about the mess that erupted within the record label before her exit.

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