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Karrine Steffans’ Alleged Baby Daddy Kwame Onwuachi Files Legal Actions Against Her For Announcing Him As The Father Of Her Unborn Baby

Karrine Steffans, 44, Is Pregnant For 33-Year-Old Chef Kwame Onwuachi After Several Miscarriages

Just last month, Karrine Steffans Superhead gladly announced her health-complicated pregnancy online and named 33-year-old chef, Kwame Onwuachi as the father.

A few days later, Kwame took to social media to share an image with another woman while his alleged 44-year-old pregnant woman was home suffering complications.

Well, Steffans, now Elizabeth Ovesen did not allow Kwame to enjoy his date in peace but dragged him for the sheer disrespect to her and her unborn child. Elizabeth on the regular continued to blast Kwame and called him out for being unsupportive and a total d*** during the ongoing difficult pregnancy.

However, it appears Kwame is not convinced he is the father of Elizabeth’s unborn child, hence serving her with a cease and desist letter. Basically, asking Elizabeth to keep his name “outta” her f—ing mouth and stop labeling him as the father of her yet-to-be-born kid.

In response, Elizabeth says she knows her right and will not be shut down by lawyers or laymen, because she is confident Kwame is the father. So, Steffans says she will continue to call Kwame out and detail her pregnancy journey on her platform. Steffans claims, she was forced to abort a pregnancy after her previous relationship ended chaotically. And presently, she is not ready to go the same route but go head to head with her alleged baby daddy because the true victim is in her belly and not her or Kwame.

Via Media Take Out;

Last month, former video vixen turned author Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, who now goes by the name Elizabeth Ovesen announced she was pregnant with celebrity chef Kwame Onwuachi’s baby. Then, a few days later, she blasted him online after he was seen on a date with another woman.

It all started after Kwame shared video on Instagram stories of himself on the Jumbotron at Barclays Center with his date in their court-side seats at the Brooklyn Nets game.

Superhead BLASTED the chef, and claimed that his actions may be negatively impacting her alleged pregnancy:

Shortly after Superhead made these posts, Kwame’s legal team hit her with a cease and desist letter, suggesting that he may NOT be the father of her child.

Well Superhead isn’t taking the legal threats silently. Media Take Out confirmed that yesterday, she went off after Kwame slapped her with a cease and desist letter…

In a video lasting nearly two hours Elisabeth, aka Superhead, first explained how her last broken romance – with tech entrepreneur Everett Taylor – ended in tears and her feeling pressured to abort their baby.

The former throat queen then explained how she and Kwame hooked up and he began distancing himself after she told him she was pregnant. Elizabeth claims Kwame sent a cease and desist letter demanding she stop talking about him, but she refuses claiming she knows her rights and has receipts to back up everything she says.

So Steffans is not only going through a high-risk pregnancy but she has to deal with the drama involving her possible baby’s father. Damn! This woman should have really adopted a kid.

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