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Karma Is A B*tch! Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Scammed Of $6,664 In His Quest To Get His Instagram Account Verified

Karma Is A B*tch! Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Scammed Of $6,664 In His Quest To Get His Instagram Account Verified

Karma is truly a b*tch! Mostly, Karma doesn’t serve people what they deserve quickly but this one came too early. You know Simon Leviev? The man who scammed three women of close to $10 million in the name of love? Yes, he’s also been swindled of $6,664 in his quest to get his Instagram account verified.

TMZ says that Simon wanted both his and girlfriend Kate Konlin‘s Instagram accounts verified and they got the right scammers to show up online for the gig—and after Simon sent the agreed cash to the scammers’ PayPal accounts, his manager suspected something fishy and quickly hit up Mark Zuckerberg‘s Meta and was told they do not take cash before verifying accounts. The swindler has also been swindled. Simon wasn’t smart enough to spot the scam.

The tables have turned on ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev … he was bamboozled himself in an Instagram scam.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Simon was hit up last Thursday by a verified female on Instagram. She claimed she’d help Simon and GF Kate Konlin get verified on the app through her BF — saying he worked at Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s tech company that owns IG.

The alleged swindlers went to great lengths to pull this off … Simon Facetimed the BF, who was in a busy office — appearing like he was at Meta, with employees walking around behind him.

The fake “Metamate” said the only way he could give him the blue check on his profile — as well as delete the fake accounts under his name — would be to offer up a big chunk of change … $6,664. The payments were sent via PayPal through 2 separate transactions — one for him and one for his GF.

Shortly after, Simon’s manager found the deal suspicious and reached out to an actual team member at Meta, who told them they don’t charge for verifications. Before anyone could call out the swindlers, they completely scrubbed themselves from the Internet — including removal of their IG accounts … letting the swindlers walk away with the cash.

Looks like Simon isn’t that smart—and in the coming months, he’s likely to get scammed of huge amount of cash.

Here is a screengrab of the Paypal transaction.

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