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Kanye West’s Ex-Business Manager Thomas St. John Unable To Find Him To Serve Him With A $4.5 Million Lawsuit

Kanye West Claims Adidas Froze $75 Million In His JP Morgan Accounts Which Cost Him His Multi-Billionaire Status

Kanye West has a $4.5 million lawsuit currently waiting for him and the only thing delaying the lawsuit is that Kanye is scarce to find presently. Yes, as shocking as it may sound, Kanye’s ex-business manager Thomas St. John has the lawsuit ready but can’t find Ye to serve him.

Reportedly, Thomas St. John is suing for the said amount because of unpaid fees. Thomas is currently seeking an extension to find Ye to serve him the multi-million lawsuit.

Kanye was almost imprisoned last two months for non-payment of tax, and a few weeks down the line he is being sued for unpaid fees. Too much for always bragging about being smart.

Via Media Take Out;

Kanye West’s ex-business manager says he’s been trying to track him down to serve him with a $4.5 million civil lawsuit but cannot find him.

Thomas St. John filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against him this year over alleged unpaid fees but according to The Sun, he has requested an extension to allow him more time to seek him out.

“As a general matter, we have had difficulty confirming the best current address of Kanye West,” a court filing reportedly said. “For Mr. West, despite our diligent efforts, we were unable to ascertain his current residential address, and therefore, have not yet made attempts to serve him personally. Instead, we have attempted to service him by mail at multiple possible addresses,” the filing adds, according to the outlet.

Ye was last spotted in public on December 18th taking two of his kids to church. After losing his billionaire statues, he went on a string of public tirades and interviews before falling off the grid. Although, a video surfaced showing the rapper in France ahead of Christmas.

After Kanye’s antisemitic rants, it has been one bad news after the other and if he keeps going on with his tirades, he will surely end up in jail.

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