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Kanye West’s Alleged Curvy New Girlfriend Bianca Elouise Anstiss Might Be Jewish

Kanye West's Alleged Curvy New Girlfriend Bianca Elouise Might Be Jewish

Kanye West‘s new unknown girlfriend has been identified as Australian swimwear fashion designer, 32-year-old curvy Bianca Elouise Anstiss. A woman known for her fashion brand and also curves. If you believe Kanye cannot surprise you anymore, then you are in for a surprise, because Bianca might be Jewish.

Yes, Kanye might be dating a Jewish woman or someone related to Jewish. And considering how rough his relationship with Jewish folks has been over the past three months, this might be traumatic to the Jewish community.

Kanye West came under attack when he tweeted about going “death con three” on Jewish people, he suffered the consequences of that by losing all his brand deals, honorary degree, and billionaire status. Even when Ye lost it all, he did not slow down on his silly rants and further declared his love for Hitler and attempted to justify the Holocaust.

Well, that was enough for every Jewish person in the world to want to puke when they come across Kanye. But evidently, not everyone, because Ye has gotten one of the finest Jewish women to boff. If she is indeed Jewish or closely related to a Jewish, they must be traumatized at the moment.

Via Media Take Out,

Kanye West stepped out yesterday with a woman who paparazzi are calling his new girlfriend. And now Media Take Out is hearing reports that the woman may be a pretty prominent fashion designer. According to multiple online reports, the woman seen out with Kanye is believed to be Australian swimwear designer Bianca Elouise Anstiss.

Media Take Out was not able to independently confirm those reports. But if true, they would be pretty shocking.

The thick blonde, who recently made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, is the owner of her own label Myra Swim.

Now for the tea. According to a few social media posts, from people claiming to be her former friends from Australia – Bianca allegedly has Jewish family members.

As one alleged friend puts it, she has “Jewish heritage.” The posters would not specify which family members had ties to Judaism.

Assuming that is Bianca in the pics, that’s pretty surprising because Ye has been in trouble recently for making very inflammatory comments about the Holocaust, which many are calling antisemitic.

But before you jump to conclusions about the unconfirmed reports: Bianca has been silent on her religious affiliation, and has never mentioned being of Jewish heritage in any public interviews located by Media Take Out.

Bianca is a former professional surfer has spoken out openly about her swimwear line. Bianca said in a recent interview that she created her label as she couldn’t find items to suit her body correctly.

‘I lived in the garments and was sponsored by brands, but I couldn’t find anything that I was 100 per cent happy with or fitted me the way I wanted — so I created what I couldn’t find in the market,’ she said.

Her designs have now been seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez. Bianca Elouise designs were also featured in the music video for Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s “Side to Side”.

If Bianca is closely related to a Jewish, I think the Jewish people should be allowed to demonstrate against this romance, I mean like how Celion Dion’s fans did for their artist. Just that, the Jews will be focusing on destroying a growing romance between Ye and Bianca before it gets serious.

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