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Kanye West Worried Kris Jenner Will Be A Bad Influence On His Kids Especially Chicago

Kanye West Smokes Peace Pipe With Kris Jenner After Calling Her 'Kris Jong-Un'

So Kanye West has been on some sh-t lately but this is a genuine concern. YE in a recent interview claims that, like every kid, Chicago will either be a blessing or a problem.

According to him, he believes the kid’s grandma Momager Kris Jenner is rather working to make Chicago a problem instead of the other way around. And it is not surprising! Kris has a history of sh-tty parenting.

As YE‘s mental health is still being questioned and he continues to engage in unexplained sh-t with damning consequences. This, however, is pukka, a father, that is worried about what his kids become, especially when those kids are growing up around an elderly woman with a sh-tty past. Like, recording her daughter having s-x for fame and money. Not just YE but every well-meaning dad will be concerned. Kris Jenner is no role model for kids!

The problem here, however, is Kanye West discussing his kids publicly on every given platform. And him, not presenting himself as a better alternative to raise these kids.

Via Media Take Out:

Kanye West believes Kris Jenner is a bad influence on his daughter, Chicago.

“Chicago is either gonna be a blessing or she gonna be a problem,” Ye told N.O.R.E.. “And I feel like Hulu, and I feel like Kris are trying to turn her into a problem.”

During the interview, he doubled down on his claims that Drizzy will “f-ck ya baby mama’s mama.”

“Yeah, that was hard,” he said. Ye faced backlash after making anti-semitic remarks on social media. He claims JPMorgan dropped him as a client following the backlash. “I put $140 million into JPMorgan, and they treated me like sh-t,” he claimed. “So if JPMorgan Chase is treating me like that, how they treating the rest of y’all? I am outraged.”

However, bank sources say Ye actually received the letter weeks before and that the two events were not connected. Ye apologized to anybody he’s hurt with his words in an interview with Piers Morgan last night.

Chicago is 4 years old for Christ’s sake! These kids need some privacy.

Here is the clip of Kanye West expressing worry over Kris Jenner’s influence on his kids:

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