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Kanye West West Reports Hostile Paparazzi Interaction To The Police

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Kanye West is having a field day with the paparazzi in recent times. Last month, Ye had two incidents with the paps. He damaged a woman’s phone during one of the incidents and was arrested for it.

Now, Kanye has had a similar incident again and headed straight to the police at Los Angeles County Sheriff’s West Hollywood Station to report the incident.

According to Ye, a quiet time with his family was interrupted by paparazzi, and when he asked that he stops filming, he refused, and the incident nearly turned violent. The police are yet to investigate, but I’m sure Ye is overacting.

Via Media Take Out;

Kanye West called the police after getting into a verbal altercation with paparazzi. The rapper pulled up to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s West Hollywood Station and told TMZ reports that he was reporting a hostile interaction with the paparazzi.

According to Ye, he asked the paparazzi to stop recording him and his family earlier that day but the pap ignored him and things almost turned violent. The police department is currently investigating the incident.

Ye has put the paparazzi on blast several times claiming they should not be able to profit from his image without him getting a cut too.

Last month, he confronted a paparazzi filming him outside on of his children’s games.

“Would you want me to be running up on your kids’ games like that? I wanna just see my kids. Everybody gotta stop when I see my kids. I don’t care how many of you there are. You wanna hear what I want you to do? I need to see my kids without you photographing me. It’s called human rights,” he said.

Gladly, Ye didn’t damage any property in the recent incident, he went to the police like a sane person. TGS will update as soon as the police come out with more info about Ye’s complaints.

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