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Kanye West Travels To Australia To Spend Some Time With His Wife Bianca Censori’s Family

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Recently remarried Kanye West is having a better marriage life than we imagined. According to reports, Kanye is currently in his wife Bianca Censori‘s hometown Melbourne, Australia, to familiarise himself with her family and also have an idea of Bianca’s childhood. Quite romantic for someone like Ye, if you ask me.

Bianca being Kim Kardashian‘s enemy, the news came as shock to Kim as it was to many of us. Kim was suspicious of Ye and Bianca’s bond but never knew it will end up in a marriage that quickly. Now, she is waiting eagerly to authenticate the rumor before she reacts.

According to sources close to Kim, she is not bothered about Ye’s romantic life as long as he performed his fatherly duties. BS! There is no way Kim is unbothered about Ye, she is obsessed with the attention and sympathy Ye gives her with his constant attacks, and Kimberly wouldn’t want to lose that for anything.

Media Take Out Reports;

Kanye West is reportedly on his way to meet his new wife Bianca Censori’s family.

A report from The Herald says the rapper is on the way to Melbourne “to meet her family,” and that they would “spend time in Ivanhoe, east of the CBD, where Censori grew up.”

Fans wondered how Kim Kardashian took the news but according to sources, Kim is unbothered.

Kanye did not tell Kim prior to getting married, so she does not know either way if this was legal but she is hearing that it was just a ceremony,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She does not care either way and is not giving it any thought. Kim does not care what he does with his romantic life, as long as he keeps up his duties as a father to their kids.”

Ye still hasn’t made the official announcement of his marriage, but maybe because the marriage isn’t yet legal as they have not filed for a marriage certificate.

I can’t wait for Ye, Bianca, and Kim to come face-to-face at the kids’ games. The drama is something to look up to. Hopefully, it is enough to keep Kim relevant for as long as she craves.

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