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Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian Should Go Marry Tom Brady Or Come Home To Jesus

Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian Should Go Marry Tom Brady Or Come Home To Jesus

So, it turns out that the “I love Nazis” comment is not the only bizarre thing Kanye West rant about on Infowars with Alex Jones. The notorious presidential candidate has also asked his ex-wife to go marry recently divorced Tom Brady, a man he used to attack religiously on Instagram.

Kanye West says Kim Kardashian is worshiping the devil through Hulu and Disney, so it’s either she comes home to Christ or goes to marry Tom Brady and keep her family together.

Tom and Gisele Bundchen divorced after 13 years of marriage with three kids all because Tom had no time for family. Why will he then cater to strangers’ kids? Kanye has terrible taste in men.

Kanye says Kim should not allow the devil to use her. Dude, the devil appears to be using you more than Kim at the moment.

Via Total Pro Sports;

In yet another unhinged rant from Kanye West, he is once again targeting his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

West recently went on Infowars and started out by saying that said Kim should turn to Christ.

“Hulu does not love you, Kim,” said West. “Disney does not love you, Kim. Come home, Kim. Come home to Christ. Go to God. Go to Jesus.”

He then switched it up and stated she should find someone great to marry, like NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

“Marry somebody great,” said West. “Go marry Tom Brady, whatever you want to do but get married and use your platform as an influence to keep families together. Don’t let the devil use you.”

Back in late October, Brady ended his 13-year marriage with supermodel Gisele Bundchen while Kardashian recently broke up with boyfriend Pete Davidson. Throughout the time the pair was dating, West would take shots at the couple and even encouraged his fans to harass them.

Kardashian filed for divorce from West back in February 2021 after 6 years of marriage. Then, on November 2022, their divorce has been finalized, and they are now officially single.

If Kim actually did what he said, Kanye would likely repeat those actions.

West was recently suspended from Twitter for making more antisemitic remarks while taking shots at Elon Muck. Neither Kardashian nor Brady has commented on West’s latest takes and neither of them likely ever will.

Looking at how Kanye West has single-handedly destroyed everything he has spoken about in recent times, Kim has to stay away from Brady at all costs. Kanye linking them together is a red flag that can’t be ignored.

Kanye West speaks:

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