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Kanye West Says His Huge D*** Is The Reason Y’all Love Him And Kurrco Confirms Seeing It!

Kanye West Is Officially The Richest Black Man In The United States

Kanye West despite his f-ckery, is massively loved around the globe, and I’m sure you are one of those die-hard fans. Well, Ye in an interview with Kurrco claims y’all love him because of his huge d*** and the soo many years of hate he’s got just for being himself. Kanye is out here trying hard to prove his d— is bigger than Pete Davidson’s. But that’s for Kim Kardashian to say.

The billionaire turn-millionaire has been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. The anti-Semitic comments that got the Jewish community mad and wants him canceled soo badly, WHITE LIVES MATTER shirts, his careless comment about George Floyd’s death, and many more.

However, the rapper is in a good mood for once despite the disasters happening around him. And while commenting on why he is soo much loved despite his f-ckery, Kanye claims it is because of his huge c—k.

Meanwhile, Kurrco claims Kanye West showed him his d*** the first time they met. Kurrco further admits Ye’s d*** is very nice. Damn! We are getting some gay vibes from these dudes.

Via Media Take Out:

During an interview with Kurrco, Kanye West was asked why people love him so much.

“People just in general, they love me so much. I’m like a hard guy to really hate for a long period of time, just cause of my huge c-ck.” He then added, “My c-ck is not 14 inches. I lied, okay!”

“[Kanye was] basically trying to get me on board to sh*t on somebody he knows is my friend– Pete Davidson.” Charlamagne told Ye that him and Pete are friends “My wife is out here f-cking a white boy with a ten-inch penis, and you won’t help me?” he says Ye yelled at him.

In a recent interview, Ye played down the story.

“You said that to me. But he gets on the interview and acts like he don’t know where that came from. The motherf-cker is a master manipulator.”

Why do you love Kanye despite all the mess he has created?

Well, here is a video of YE bragging about having a big d***:

And then another video of him in the same interview saying he lied about having a huge d***:

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