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Kanye West Rebrands Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gap, And Adidas Hoodies With “Ye24” Designs To Resell At $20

Kanye West Rebrands Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gap, And Adidas Hoodies With "Ye24" Designs To Resell At $20

If you were contributing to the GoFundMe to help Kanye West regain his Billionaire status, Kanye West has made things easier.

Kanye West rebranded his Balenciaga cloth stock. Despite the exorbitant prices before his mouth caused his downfall. Ye is selling his newly branded Balenciaga clothes dubbed Ye24 at just $20, and according to him, the quality is still the same.

Ye also admits the Ye24 designs also tell his aspiration for the presidency again come 2024. Considering Ye’s recent outburst and Kanye being tagged as a misogynist and an anti-Semite, Ye’s chances of gaining a significant result in the race seem flimsier than that of Herschel Walkers‘. His new cloth brand, trust his fans to make it fruitful!

Via Vlad:

Kanye recently invited X17 Online into his new Crenshaw design studio, where he revealed new clothing pieces he plans to sell. 

While Kanye’s Yeezy designs sold for hundreds in the past, Ye revealed that he bought up every Balenciaga piece that he could find, which he rebranded with “YE24” on the front. He then added that he plans to sell each piece for $20.

The clothes seem to be a way for Kanye to promote his second bid for the presidency, which he confirmed in another video posted by X17 Online. In the video, Kanye stood with disgraced British commentator Milo Yiannopolous, who Kanye said is “working on the campaign.” This led to questions about Kanye running for the White House again in 2024, which Kanye confirmed. 

During the tour of his studio, Kanye also spoke about his sustainable housing plans. He stood next to drawings of what he would like the communities to look like, and Kanye explained that his biggest focus is on safety. Kanye explained that he would prove how safe the community is by having a place to live  in the community himself.

Kanye has gathered the pieces left of him after his craze to rebrand his clothing line, impressive. Maybe, we are yet to see the real Ye after his new brand succeeds.

As for his presidential aspirations, unless the Jewish community and the black community are extinct. The dude will strive but they will fight harder.

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