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Kanye West Is Being Charged With Robbery After He Damaged An Intruders Phone In Traffic

Kanye West Is Being Charged With Robbery After He Damaged An Intruders Phone In Traffic

Kanye West met the female version of himself last Friday, you know those people who believe they can do anything without consequences? Yes! And surprisingly, Ye was abhorred by the woman’s attitude.

So a woman was seen filming the controversial rapper, and as Ye has proven time without number, no one is supposed to show cameras in his direction when he is in public. He approached the woman and angrily asked that she stops recording. But the woman kept recording, so Ye felt so offended that he took the woman’s phone and threw it on the street.

Authorities were called shortly, and instead of property damage, Kanye is currently being charged with robbery.

Media Take Out Reports;

Kanye West is being investigated for robbery after a video went viral of him grabbing a woman’s phone and throwing it into the street. 

“On Friday, January 27 at 4:30 pm Ventura County Sheriff’s department was called to an intersection in Thousand Oaks California. When they arrived, they learned that Kanye’ Ye’ West had taken a woman’s cell phone out of her hands and thrown it in the street,” the statement read. “He was not at the scene when we arrived. Mr. West is being investigated for robbery charges. There is an ongoing investigation into this matter. Officers were provided with video footage of the incident,” a statement Ventura County Sheriff Department’s Sergeant Jason Karol.

Kanye was in the street and upset when he noticed a fan was filming him. He walked up to her car window, lunged for the phone and threw it into the middle of the street.

Should Kanye get used to getting filmed, or people should stop filming him altogether? Personally, Kanye cannot keep attacking everyone who films him in public, it could be irritating, but it’s the job’s hazard. Get used to it, dude!

Here is a video of Kanye West throwing the woman’s phone away:

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