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Kanye West Angrily Storms Out Of Tim Pool’s Podcast After Pushing Back On The Rapper’s Anti-semitic Comments

Kanye West Is No Longer A Billionaire After Adidas Terminated Their Deal With Him Over His Hate Speeches And Incessant Rants

Kanye West continues his absurd outburst, even to the people that still believe him, in this difficult period of his. Ye is being labeled an anti-Semite and a misogynist, hence has been banned from several media platforms due to his silly self-centered speeches.

However, Tim Pool appears to be one of Ye’s believers and invited him on his podcast, but it turned out messy.

Tim Pool kissed Ye’s a** during the major part of the interview and allowed Ye to still blame the Jewish community for his downfall. When Tim Pool finally subtly suggested that he blames the cooperate media for Ye’s downfall instead, Kanye stormed out.

Kanye still has no remorse for the anti-Semitic statements he made about the Jewish community but still goes around blaming them for his misery instead of apologizing for once.

Looking at how agitated Kanye West gets at the slightest inconvenience, it is ironic that he goes about saying sh-t about people.

Via Media Take Out;

The artist now known as Ye stormed out of a sit down with the Tim Pool, after the host lightly pushed back on Ye’s antisemitic rant that opened the show.

Kanye started off the podcast on a long diatribe, where he – for 20-minutes- railied against those he believes had harmed him, including but not limited to: a designer at Adidas who Ye is convinced was a CIA and somehow also a “Zionist” plant, Jamie Dimon, Adidas, the Gap, his former trainer and also in Ye’s mind a Canadian deep-state agent, and, of course, the Jewish cabal in charge of both banking and media.

Here’s one of his ranting statements, “It was like American History X, like my head was on the side of the curb, and the exact people that I called out kick my head,” said Ye.

“Rahm Emanuel was right next to Obama, and then Jared Kushner was right next to Trump,” Ye added, ending with a “da-da!” musical flourish to punctuate his antisemitic talking point about Jews being puppet masters.

Pool immediately pushed back, telling Ye, “I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.”

When asked by Ye to clarify who he meant by “they,” Pool replied: “the corporate press.”

That didn’t satisfy Ye. “Who is ‘they,” though?” he shot back. As Pool tried to appease Ye, but then one of the evening’s other guests chimed in – Nick Fuentes, the 23-year-old white nationalist and Holocaust denier. Nick exclaimed “It is them, though, isn’t it?”

After a bit of a skirmish, Ye walked off.

Kanye West overestimates his self-worth, he can’t stand half of the crap he says about people. I’m imagining what will happen if he finally gets the chance to debate his fellow presidential aspirants.

Here is the clip of Kanye West storming out of Tim Pool’s podcast:

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