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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Finalized: Kim Gets $200K In Child Support Monthly

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's Divorce Finalized: Kim Gets $200K In Child Support Monthly

This two months period has been hell for Kanye West and now the much-awaited divorce battle between him and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been finalized. Kanye after fighting hard and silly to get his family back, has finally lost it. Kim and Ye get equal access to their kids, with Ye paying $200K in child support monthly, he also foots 50% cost of security and 50% of the four kids’ education.

Presently, the kids are mainly with Kim while Ye visits as often as his Ye24 aspirations allow him to. Kimberly is getting just enough to afford her extravagant lifestyle.

Their divorce journey started about a year ago with a series of dramas, Kanye had to change about six lawyers to finally settle on a lawyer that can help with his case.

The pair’s divorce comes following Ye’s numerous recent scandals that have seen him lose major brand deals and his billionaire status.

Kanye has lost a lot more in two months than most people in their entire life. Oh, and he lost his cherished friendship with Donald Trump over the weekend.

TMZ Reports;

 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce settlement calls for them to have equal access to their kids, and that appears to be exactly what’s happening … with Kanye picking up North from school Tuesday and taking her to a mall.

As you can see, Kanye was waiting outside North’s school Tuesday evening … with daddy and daughter leaving together in an SUV.

A short while later, Kanye and North rolled up to a mall … entering the shopping center through a Macy’s.

Remember … Kanye and Kim’s divorce also calls for them to split expenses for their kids’ education and security … and Kanye had security in tow at both North’s school and the mall.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have settled their divorce … TMZ has learned.

The former husband and wife have resolved both child custody and property-related issues.

According to the settlement, Kim and Kanye will get joint custody with “equal access” to their 4 children. Although the docs say equal access, sources with direct knowledge tell us Kim will have the kids the lion’s share of the time. Even Kanye has acknowledged Kim already has the kids 80% of the time.

According to the settlement, Kanye will pay Kim $200,000 a month in child support. Our sources say Kanye’s not footing the full bill for child support — that’s just his share. In addition, he’s responsible for 50% of their kids’ educational expenses, including tuition. He’s also responsible for 50% of their children’s security expenses.

Now, this is interesting … if there’s ever a dispute regarding the children, Kim and Kanye agree they will participate in mediation. If one of them fails to participate, the other gets to make the decision in a dispute by default. Not hard to read between the lines.

As for the $200k … it’s due the first day of each month and must be wired into her account.

As for property, the division of assets is in accordance with their prenup. And, according to the prenup, both Kim and Kanye waived spousal support.

Our sources say Kim has walked a tightrope over the last year, with Kanye going off the rails and refusing to participate in resolving the divorce. As we reported, he’s gone through half a dozen lawyers and has blown off depositions. As one source put it, “Kim’s patience was tested, but she handled things calmly and ultimately Kanye came around.”

The secret weapon in settling — Disso Queen Laura Wasser, who played Henry Kissinger (Google it) … going back and forth to resolve the outstanding issues.

TMZ broke the story … Kim filed for divorce in February 2021 after 7 years of marriage. The divorce stalled because Kanye refused to engage, and Kim went to court last March to get an official decree ending the marriage, with both custody and property to be resolved at a later date.

The settlement came Monday, on the eve Kanye was scheduled to have his deposition taken in case the matter went to trial next month.

The book is now closed on the marriage of Kim and Kanye.

Although Kim has the kids majorly, Kanye does not trust her parenting skills and has made that known on several occasions. So the legal battles may be over, but the moral battle will surely continue.

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