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Kanye West Allegedly Bleaches His Skin And Now A Light Skinned Rapper

Kanye West Allegedly Bleaches His Skin And Now A Light Skinned Rapper

Kanye White sorry, Kanye West has taken White Lives Matter to another level by supposedly bleaching his skin.

Social media folks could not hold it when a new video of Ye popped up with him looking fairer than ever, and rumors say Ye has used bleaching chemicals to whiten his dark skin.

Although it is not yet clear if Ye has indeed bleached his skin, Ye has presented himself over the months as a weird white advocate, advocating in the most bizarre way possible, with his white lives matter shirts and others.

And since his White Lives Matter shirts got trademarked by black activists, toning his skin is the only visible way to carry his message across to free white folks from the hostile treatment from other races.

Via Media Take Out;

Kanye West showed off a new look yesterday, and many across social media suspect that Ye, who has been cozying up to White nationalists lately, may have started bleaching his skin.

Ye’s new look startled many of his fans, Media Take Out has learned. And his new “lighter” appearance is all the talk across Black Twitter.

Skin bleaching is a popular cosmetic procedure, which is frequently used by Black Hollywood celebrities. Typically, Media Take Out learned, it’s done by using the chemical hydroquinone – either in cream form or intravenously.

Hydroquinone lightens the skin by supressing melanocytes, the skin cells that produce melanin.

Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin and hair its color.. Hydroquinone slows down melanin production, and over time will dramatically lighten a Black person’s skin color.

However, it can take several weeks for you to see the full results. As one doctor explained to Media Take Out, “Hydroquinone creams work at the cellular level to reduce the production of pigment,” so you need to allow the skin to shed old cells and produce new ones.

So – if Ye is in fact bleaching his skin – expect him to continue to lighten over time.

White folks are being oppressed to extent that it takes Kanye West for it to be addressed? I’m sure white Jewish folks and white former employees of Adidas and Balenciaga will prefer to be “oppressed” than have Kanye champion their course.

Here is a video of Kanye West looking all white:

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