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JUST IN: Medikal Arrested! But Not For Internet Fraud – Here’s Why He’s Been Arrested

JUST IN: Medikal Arrested But Not For Internet Fraud - Here's Why He's Been Arrested

Yes, the new Inspector General of Police (IGP) isn’t smiling at the foolishness of some celebrities in Ghana—as he is now clamping down tomfoolery and restoring sanity in the system.

Rapper Medikal who allegedly makes much of his income from dark sources has been arrested by some personnel of the Ghana Police for brandishing a gun on social media.

If this gun Medikal brandished on social media isn’t a registered one, then dude is in deep sh*t—just like his partner in crime, Shatta Wale.

Medikal’s arrest comes a few hours after Shatta Wale and three others were denied bail and remanded for one week for faking gunshot attacks on October 18, 2021.