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Juliet Ibrahim Finally Reveals What Caused Her Marriage Breakup With Kwadwo Safo Junior

Kwadwo Safo Jnr Says He Rushed Into Marrying Juliet Ibrahim - Possible Reason Why Their Marriage Never Worked

Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim after 9 years of marriage breakup with Kwadwo Safo Junior, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana’s first car manufacturing company, Kantanka Automobile has finally revealed what led to the collapse of their marriage.

Juliet Ibrahim and Kwadwo Safo Junior married in 2010 and after four years of being together, their marriage came to an end in 2014. The couple gave birth to their first child in 2010 and named him Jayden Safo.

The reason which led to the collapse of their marriage was never disclosed to any media outlet or the public as they kept it between themselves to avoid further publications about their collapsed marriage.

Kwadwo Safo Junior a few months after Juliet Ibrahim divorced him married another woman called Zainab Bonkano and they are currently blessed with three children.

Juliet Ibrahim, on the other hand, made her relationship with Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim public in 2018. Their relationship could be described as one of the best celebrity relationships looking at how they kept flaunting each other on social media.

Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim visited Ghana where she made her relationship with him official in a radio interview. Juliet Ibrahim during the interview jokingly warned Iceberg Slim not to break her heart else Ghanaians won’t forgive him.

A few months after Juliet Ibrahim made her relationship with Iceberg Slim public, it was noticed that they had deleted photos of each other from their Instagram pages, a clear indication of their relationship breakup.

It was speculated that their relationship collapsed after Juliet Ibrahim caught Iceberg Slim cheating with another woman but Juliet Ibrahim in an interview with Joy News’ MzGee never disclosed the reason behind the breakup of their flourishing relationship.

Just a few days ago, Iceberg Slim finally came out and apologised to Juliet Ibrahim for breaking her heart by cheating on her with another woman. According to Iceberg Slim in an Instagram post, he took Juliet Ibrahim for granted and blamed himself for being the reason behind their breakup.

Iceberg Slim also revealed that he has tried all he could to forget about Juliet Ibrahim and move on but hasn’t been easy and the only option for him to clear his guilty conscience, heal and have inner peace was to come out and publicly and apologise to Juliet Ibrahim.

Juliet Ibrahim reacting to his apology in an interview with Joy FM said even though his apology came too late but she forgave him right after they broke up.

Now back to the reason why Juliet Ibrahim left her marriage with Kwadwo Safo Junior in 2014.

It all started when a television presenter known as Akosua Farmmer mocked Juliet Ibrahim on TV Africa to go back to her ex-husband Kwadwo Safo Junior and stop searching for ‘Mr Right’.

The television presenter also compared Iceberg Slim and Kwadwo Safo Junior and claimed that Kwadwo Safo Junior was a better match for Juliet Ibrahim than Iceberg Slim.

The television presenter’s comments infuriated Juliet Ibrahim which compelled her to reply with a lengthy post on Instagram.

In Juliet Ibrahim’s lengthy post on Instagram, she revealed that her ex-husband Kwadwo Safo Junior cheated on her with the woman he’s currently married to, Zainab Bonkano.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, Kwadwo Safo Junior impregnated his then-girlfriend, now wife, Zainab Bonkano and that is what brought about their marriage breakup in 2014.

Juliet Ibrahim added that she felt that Kwadwo Safo Junior disrespected her by cheating and impregnating another woman and the only option was for her to file for divorce and quit the marriage.

Kwadwo Safo Junior replying to Juliet Ibrahim’s cheating allegations wrote on his Instagram page that he has no time to explain himself about what led to the collapse of their marriage.

Juliet Ibrahim has finally launched her first-ever book titled “A Toast of Life”, a book about her life struggles and successes.


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