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Juice Wrld’s Ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti Claims The Rapper Didn’t Die Of A Drug Overdose

Juice Wrld's Ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti Claims The Rapper Didn't Die Of A Drug Overdose

Rapper Juice Wrld died mysteriously at 21 back in 2019 after suffering from a seizure. Many speculated that the rapper died from a drug overdose.

But the rapper’s girlfriend Ally Lotti in response to critics who think her lifestyle will send her to an early grave just like Juice Wrld says her late boyfriend will be proud of her lifestyle.

She further added that contrary to the rumors that Juice Wrld died from a drug overdose, the rapper died from a more mysterious causes than the wildly spread rumor.

Ally Litto has moved on though and living a wild and crazy life. She asked her critics “to go get a d*** and su-k and leave her to live big.”

Via Media Take Out;

Ally Lotti, the woman who was dating Juice Wrld before he passed away had a message for her haters on Instagram Live.

Ally has been denying for a while that Juice did not die of an overdose. She has implied that something much more sinister went down.

“Jarad would be dead proud of me, bitch. So, suck my dick. You don’t know that n-gga. He wouldn’t even give a sh-t. He’ll piss on you if you were f-cking on fire. You don’t get it, like, at all. Y’all mad ’cause I’m literally like, ‘Ah, blah blah blah.’ You guys think he died of a drug overdose. You’re wrong! You’re wrong, literally! You’re wrong! So, suck a dick. ’Cause a lot of sh-t y’all don’t know that I’ve fucking grieved through myself while I let y’all grieve and talk mad sh-t on me. I don’t care. Im’a go ahead and be what y’all want me to be, which is me,” she said on Live.

Months back, Ally said: “If people knew what happened the day before Jarad passed, and the day that Jarad passed and everything like that, which I cannot speak upon at this moment. But I will. I will. I just have to make sure that I am safe.”

For Ally Lotti to be talking about his boyfriend’s death and be jamming to world music is bizarre as f***.

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