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Juan Dixon Caught Cheating For The Second Time Since Remarrying Robyn In December

The Real Housewives Of Potomac Drama Couple: Juan And Robyn Dixon Remarries And Alleged Side Chick Is Out Causing More Drama

As if Juan Dixon and Robyn‘s first marriage wasn’t messy and short enough, their second marriage is far messier than you can imagine.

The couple first got married in 2010 and divorced in 2012 over infidelity suspicions. However, the duo didn’t stay away from each other as they should have and remarried in December 2022. Not surprisingly, Juan’s cheating scandals keep popping up on daily basis.

Just before their second marriage was finalized, a TikTok woman came out and accused Juan of cheating, and Robyn confirmed her husband’s yet again infidelity. Just before these claims could be laid to rest, the NBA star is again being accused of cheating after he was caught with a woman in a Virginia laundry mat.

Although their demeanor seemed harmless, social media is concerned because Juan can hardly stay 2 days with the beautiful mystery woman without f—ing her.

Via Media Take Out;

Juan Dixon of the Real Housewives of Potomac is caught in another scandal. A keen eyed fan of the Bravo franchise spotted Juan at a local Virginia laundromat with a pretty light skinned woman. And the fan is now pushing out a very UGLY rumor, that has quickly spread on social media, Media Take Out has learned.

Juan was caught CHEATING on his fiancé Robyn in the past. In fact, right before the couple was married in December, Juan had to explain an alleged relationship with a woman who he had flown out to Maryland to meet with him, Media Take Out reported.

So what happened last week?

Well Juan, who is the head coach of the Men’s basketball team at Coppin State University, was spotted at the laundromat doing laundry. He was accompanied by a pretty light skinned woman – who is affiliated with Coppin State University athletics.

By all accounts the picture shows a completely normal interaction between two work colleagues, at the laundromat. Media Take Out has no reason to think the photo is anything other than that.

But social media is a double edged sword. The person who posted the picture, also came up with a wild story about the two co-workers, with ZERO evidence. Despite having no evidence whatsoever, the rumor is taking off on social media and the post has already been viewed by TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

Well, there was no hard evidence, but Juan is too cunning to be trusted, so it’s a fair accusation. He may come out tomorrow and confirm it. The dude is reckless.

Here is Juan with another woman:

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