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Joie Chavis Subtly Confirms Dating Trevon Diggs Months After His Ex-girlfriend Yasmin Lopez Slammed Her

Joie Chavis Subtly Confirms Dating Trevon Diggs Months After His Ex-girlfriend Yasmin Lopez Slammed Her

The 34-year-old mother of two Joie Chavis is taking her sl-tty ways to her next NFL player, and it is no other than 24-year-old Trevon Diggs. Trevon’s Diggs’ baby mama Yasmin Lopez suspected this sh-t and called Joie out on her BS but it didn’t stop her from chasing after Trevon’s small d***.

She was keen on dating Trevon and it happened just like the numerous famous folks she dated. This relationship leads to nothing but disaster. At its best, Joie makes Trevon a baby daddy and takes child support just like her two baby daddies Future and Bow Wow.

Yasmin Lopez recently called out Joie of flirting with Trevon and as rumors may have, the b*tch is dating the kid. This set the way for the Instagram b-tch to sl-t shame the other, and it was wild. Joie has a weird relationship history as she has been rumored of cheating on Bow Wow with Diddy before they separated. So b-tch is up to no good with this desperate approach.

Via TSR:

Joie Chavis is fueling rumors she’s in a relationship with NFL cornerback Trevon Diggs—months after his ex blasted her for allegedly being intimate with him.

The social media influencer has a history of dating famous men like Diddy, Future, and Bow Wow but she hasn’t technically confirmed she’s been getting close to 24-year-old Dallas Cowboys star Diggs.

Joie intensified rumors with her Instagram posts this past weekend while enjoying one of his football games against the Detroit Lions. The mother of two wore a blue jacket, tight black pants, and black boots for the occasion, posing in the stand with her sunglasses.

In a video hinting at who she was there to cheer for, Joie, 34, shows off a cup with an image of Trevon on the front of it.

While neither Joie or Trevon have ever addressed dating rumors, the mother of athlete’s child claimed the pair were being intimate back in July. Popular Instagram model Yasmine Lopez seemingly made claims that Joie was being “weird” in an Instagram comment, by being firendly with one of her friends while knowing she had been secretly romancing with Diggs.

“You weird [as f—] lol,” Yasmine wrote to Joie. “Under my friend’s pics but [f— with] my baby daddy. WEIRDO.

Yasmine has one son with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs who was born in August 2021 after dating for a few months prior to the pregnancy. The Charlotte, North Carolina model made news previously for claiming to have dated Carmelo Anthony after he and LaLa Anthony called their marriage quits.

Having a final Instagram moment, Joie hinted that she was unbothered by the internet talking about her and Trevon as a couple. In her caption, the model wrote “Happy Sunday” with a kiss emoji while sharing a carousel post. In the slides she added, “All the rules are fake. Do you.”

Considering the dramas that erupt after athletes make out with Instagram models of this caliber is disturbing they keep going for them.

And we are for the drama:

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