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John Mahama’s Daughter, Farida Mahama, Campaigns For Him On Instagram Instead Of Hitting The Grounds

President Mahama's Daughter, Farida Mahama, Is Now Grown And Looking Pretty

John Dramani Mahama‘s daughter, Farida Mahama, has hit her Insta stories and campaigning for him instead of hitting the grounds as other people are doing.

Farida Mahama who will benefit more than anyone else if her father becomes President again is hiding in the comfort of her room with 24/7 air-condition on, doing Netflix and chills and campaigning for him on the internet.

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We think she should go out there and join those folks fighting for her father and the NDC party.

We are not surprised she’s nowhere to be found in the streets campaigning for her father because politicians always hide their kids during elections. Most of these kids of politicians do not even vote.

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