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Jobs For Africans In Canada

Jobs For Africans In Canada

Talking of countries whose economy was affected greatly during the coronavirus outbreak then Canada isn’t an exemption.

The first-class country which is the envy of many European and Asian countries saw its economy lose a whooping of $13 billion due to a shortage of labor.

From those in the hospitality sector to the transport business, the health sector and the manufacturing industry saw a massive drop in revenue as workers weren’t available to fill up the vacuum.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has currently rolled out a new policy in collaboration with immigration minister Sean Fraser to welcome 500,000 immigrants from all across the world to fill in the spaces before 2025.

The prime minister believes the policy will help the ailing economy bounce back to its feet. Today I will take you through all you need to know about Canadian jobs

Canada is in dire need of skilled graduates

Graduates who are well-skilled in the tech area stand a 90% chance of being employed by Canadian firms if only they can demonstrate their skills well. Companies are specifically looking for people good in software development, networking engineers, and cyber security experts to contribute their quota to the progress of their firms. An IT personnel earns not less than $70,000 a month with benefits should he be employed and also has the choice of either working physically or remotely.

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Healthcare is a hotcake in Canada

The Canadian health sector is currently experiencing one of its most down moments ever as there are a lot of thousands of vacancies available with no one to fill them. Due to that, it has delayed treatment of sickness, and also people who are to undergo surgery have been put on a waiting list. It has put a lot of burden on the few as they have to work extra hours to meet the hospital’s target.

The Canadian government has gone the extra mile to increase their salaries to compensate them for their overtime. Foreigners who wish to apply should hold at least a diploma certificate in health care service with a language proficiency certificate attached to it. The average healthcare personnel makes a minimum of $30 an hour and $60,000 annually.

Canadian workers are paid twice a month

A documented worker in Canada is paid twice in a month thus after the first two weeks and the last week of the month. They do that to help cushion you up financially and not become cash-strapped at the month.

Best Job benefits in the world

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No country comes near Canada in terms of job benefits given to employees. Some of the benefits can be seen below

  • A sick worker enjoys free health care even if it has to take him undergoing a life-threatening surgery the job’s insurance will cover everything for you.
  • One country that respects its pensioners is Canada, it is very rare to see a retiree languishing in poverty as the system caters for you till you depart from earth.
  • You also enjoy a good parental leave when you give birth with your salary still coming.

They speak two international languages

Canada has two speaking languages thus English and French, this side normally favors those coming from the French-speaking countries. Non-English speakers can opt for French-speaking firms to express themselves well and cooperate effectively.

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