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Jobs Available For Africans In Canada

Jobs Available For Africans In Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year stated that the government has plans underway to open its doors to 465,000 immigrants from all over the world in 2023.

It wouldn’t stop there as it stretches forth to 2024 and 2025 because the country currently faces a huge labor shortage which has gone a long way in stressing workers. The immigration minister Sean Fraser in an interview said “Make no mistake. This is a massive increase in economic migration to Canada.”

“We have not seen such a focus on economic migration as we’ve seen in this immigration levels plan.” There were a million jobs available in the Canadian economy at a time when immigration already accounted for nearly all of our labor force growth. He concluded by saying “We cannot maximize our economic potential if we don’t embrace immigration.”

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Well, you heard it in your ears are you going to wallow in your nothingness or take the necessary steps looking at the harsh economic conditions you facing in Africa? Not to divert our attention from the main topic today I would take you through Canadian government jobs available for Africans.

Looking at the vacant jobs available at the moment in the city of Canada and its rural areas, the government has many vacant roles for Africans who have chosen to relocate there and they are:

Care home assistant

There are many care home jobs at the moment for Africans, due to the covd19, many citizens left their care home jobs which has currently left the aged and sick lonely with no one by their side. Africans who can read and write with at least a secondary level of education stand a chance of being picked should they apply.

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There are many cleaning jobs for the average African who has chosen to migrate through legal means. You don’t have to apply through any agency just go online and apply yourself and when fortunate you get the job.


This side favors those in the hospitality sector, if you trust yourself that you are an excellent cook who can prepare all kinds of assorted dishes just apply.

Factory workers

Factories like oil and medicine manufacturing need more hands-on board, a job which the whites usually shy away from. If you are an unemployed young guy in Africa just give it a shot.

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Poultry farm worker

Normally the average white Canadian doesn’t like to work on farms as they are mostly in rural areas. Currently, poultry farms are facing a huge labor shortage and job vacancies have been opened for Africans to give a try.


Before applying make sure you don’t have a bad criminal record from your homeland as you would be denied a visa. Also, make sure you are applying with genuine documents devoid of any form of forgery as it can also lead to a ban on traveling.

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