Joana Gyan Turns Relationship Expert And Dishing Out Unsolicited Relationship Advice To Single Folks After Her Marriage To Keche Andrew

Keche Andrew Is Always Singing For His Boss-wife, Joana Gyan; Could It Be Real Love Or The Smell Of Money?
Keche Andrew & Wife, Joana Gyan

Joana Gyan has suddenly turned relationship expert and dishing out unsolicited relationship advice to single folks on Instagram after her marriage to Keche Andrew.

Most of Joana Gyan’s posts are all about relationship advice and how couples can make their relationships work despite the challenges.

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Keche Andrew has opened her eyes on true love and how marriage and relationship can be sustained.

I can tell you that love is brewing in Keche Andrew and Joana Gyan’s marriage.

Check out some of her posts on love and relationships below…