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Jennifer Lopez Scolds Her Husband Ben Affleck At The 2023 Grammy Awards

Jennifer Lopez Scolds Her Husband Ben Affleck At The 2023 Grammys

Ben Affleck was at the 2023 Grammys over the weekend; however, his demeanor seemed like he had no interest in being at the event. The 50-year-old eminent actor has again provided the internet with Misérables memes based on his glum look. According to sources, Ben’s misery is a result of his less than one year of marriage to Jennifer Lopez.

Ben was seen sitting by his wife of six months, Jenifer Lopez, and even though they are newlyweds, it did not stop him from looking utterly miserable. The marriage is giving a defiant mother and son relationship instead of a loving couple. In a viral video, Jennifer, 53, lost it and started scolding Ben after he whispered something to her. Ben did not speak afterward but appeared totally depressed.

According to people close to the couple, Ben was heard telling his wife that he was not enjoying the program, and his wife responded that he pretends to like everyone else and keep a smiling face. Eeew!

Media Take Out Reports;

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been married now for the past six months, and it already looks like the honeymoon is over. Media Take Out learned that Jennifer was caught on camera snapping at her husband during the Grammy’s last night.

In the video, which is making the rounds on social media, Ben whispers something in his new wife’s ear. She immediately gets upset and SNAPS at him.

But then Jennifer realized the cameras were on …. and she immediately showed off her acting skills.

And that’s not all. Media Take Out spoke with a person who was AT THE EVENT, and seated near Jen and Ben.

Here’s what they told us, “Just overheard Jennifer Lopez said ‘at least ACT like you are having a good time!’ to Ben at the Grammy’s. I observed them for the last hour in person and their body language is not looking promising.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony in July – just three months after Lopez and Affleck announced their engagement.

We wish these two the best.

Ben Affleck is successful at every single thing he does; I mean he is Batman, my favorite superhero. We really don’t have to be seeing him looking that doleful.

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