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Japanese Actors In Hollywood

With the progress of the Japanese movie industry due to producers giving viewers higher quality movies, many of their actors are now dominating heavily in the Hollywood scene.

Due to their strong resemblance with their neighbors from China, people find it a bit difficult to differentiate between them.

Today I will run you through the list of Japanese actors in Hollywood.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Born and raised in Japan to a military father who later migrated together with the whole family to the USA. Cary had most of his education there before finally venturing into the movie industry.

He is popularly known for acting alongside Dolph Lundgren in both Bridge of Dragons and Showdown in Little Tokyo.

George Takei

Popularly known for featuring in the Star Trek seasonal movie, the veteran was born and raised in the USA to parents who settled there in their early 30s.

He has since then dominated heavily in the entertainment industry and is a strong democrat supporter.

Yoshi Ando

The young budding actor started as an entrepreneur in Japan before he was motivated to give acting a shoot by Daniel Day-Lewis. Yoshi who was doing pretty well business-wise delivered very well in his first movie Letters from Iwo Jima.

He then relocated to the USA in the early 2000s and has since then featured in numerous blockbuster movies such as Monster, Hit Me, and Sakura. From an entrepreneur to an actor. Yoshi has come far and has also improved his acting skills as the years went by.

Yutaka Takenouchi

He started as a model appearing on magazine frontpages and also shooting commercials for companies, he later emerged winner in a modeling competition.

He currently plies his trade between Japan and USA and is a very prolific figure in the Hollywood space.

Hiroshi Nakajima

Not to be confused with the former W.H.O. director, Hiroshi started acting and scriptwriting at a very young age due to his early exposure to the theatre by his father.

He had his tertiary education in the USA graduating with a bachelor’s in cinema which was his breakthrough into the Hollywood scene.

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