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Jamie Foxx Currently Dating Miss Croatia, Knoll Doll

Jamie Foxx Currently Dating Miss Croatia, Knoll Doll

The Hollywood fun boy/man Jamie Foxx has found a new babe, former Miss Croatia Knoll Doll. While Jamie hid all his past flings, he was papped roaming the street of Los Angeles with his new lover. And also, Knoll Doll is busy sharing images of themselves and also images of herself using Jamie’s Bugatti.

However, black Twitter is out for Hollywood’s favorite boy and his new babe with wild but ridiculous questions. Netizens are asking if Knoll was a man at a point because she looks quite masculine.

Now, this is a woman with much larger br-asts than all my friends put together, and her b—bies are entirely natural. Just some trolls wanting to destroy the relationship way before Jamie gets the chance to dump her.

Via Media Take Out;

Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx has a new girlfriend, Ivana Knoll, a Croatian Instagram model and former Miss Croatia. There’s one issue – folks on Black Twitter aren’t convince that she was always a “Miss”, and many suspect that she could have – at one point – been a “Mr.”

While all public evidence suggests that Ivana was born, and has always been a female, there are still many across Black Twitter who are still skeptical.

Jamie has been spotted all over Los Angeles with the tall buxom White woman. Here are pics of the two of them celebrating New Years together:

Yesterday the couple was spotted out together again – this time leaving a Miami nightclub together.

Miss Croatia made news recently, when she was kicked out of a World Cup soccer match, which featured her home country against Brazil, Media Take Out has learned.

Before the game started, the female model who was wearing very suggestive clothing was requested by

the security personnel to not take any pictures of herself or with the supporters. Last year’s World Cup soccer tournament was held in Qatar, a conservative Muslim country.

In her comments, Media Take Out read that she said: “They don’t allow the fans to take photos with me or pose for photos down here on the railing. I then asked them why they were so rude.”

Since the incident, Miss Croatia has become extremely popular on Instagram in the last two weeks, as she managed to captivate spectators at the World Cup.

Knoll is clearly star-struck, I hope she doesn’t move out of the US altogether when she gets dumped, Jamie is the last person in Hollywood to fall head over heels for. But all the best Knoll!

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