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Jalen Rose Trashes Larsa Pippen’s Infamous Relationship With 31-Year-Old Marcus Jordan

Jalen Rose Trashes Larsa Pippen's Infamous Relationship With 31-Year-Old Marcus Jordan

The 17-year gap between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan is not the only bone of contention in their romance.

The ill relationship between Lasar’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, and Marcus’s father, Michael Jordan, poses many reasons why their romance is absurd. Sports Analyst, Jalen Rose has added his voice to the ongoing affair between Larsa and her toyboy, Marcus.

According to Jalen, Larsa should see Marcus as a nephew, not someone she happily b-ngs. Jalen, you are a little late, come out faster next time because Larsa and Marcus have boffed and may be f***ing at the moment.

Jalen Rose implied that certain relationships used to be frowned upon but lately, people use the excuse of faux happiness to engage in sh-ts.

He further mentioned that based on the rocky relationship between Larsa’s ex, Scottie, and Marcus’s father Michael, the duo should not have engaged in such crap but they did anyways.

Via Vlad:

Rumors began to circulate, noting that Larsa Pippen and Michael Jordan’s son Marcus began dating. The 17-year age gap found many commenting on the alleged union, including Jalen Rose, who took to social media to give his thoughts. 

Via Twitter, Rose went on to say, “Certain relationships used to be off limits.” He continued, “And I, on paper, want everybody to be happy and live their best life. But, the best thing I can say for her is she should see him as more of a nephew than a mate.”

News of this comes after Pippen and Jordan were interrupted at a game they were attending, with fans at the game commenting on their alleged union.

Calm your nerves Jalen, Marcus is cheating on Larsa’s desperate a** already and sh-t will end soon.

Watch Jalen discuss Larsa Pippen and her boyfriend/nephew Marcus Jordan’s relationship:

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