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Jalen Rose Sister

Jalen rose sister

Jalen Rose’s sister Tamar Rose first made headlines when he came out to accuse his brother of sacking him out of their mum’s house.

The Roses lost their mum a few years back to cancer, a situation which downed the three of them. They disclosed how their father was absent in their lives when growing up so it took the toil and sweat of their mum to see them through.

Tamar Rose, an elderly sister of Jalen Rose posted on her social media handle putting his brother on a serious blast for trying to sell the house when he knew she stays there.

The house which was purchased by the NBA star during his active days to honor his late mum for all the sacrifices in his life had her mum, grandmother, and two sisters living in it.

After the passing on of their mum and grandmother, Jalen Rose decided to sell it off which means his two sisters have to pack out.

An enraged Tamar posted on her Instagram:

“My MOTHER passed 20 Months ago! I am still grieving her loss!!! How dare you bring ANYBODY in here to go in My Mother’s room!!” “This man is acting as if I do not exist and I do not live here! It will be 4 years in March. He has always said, I don’t know what it is about Detroit ni$$as, I’ve been all over the world but it summin about Detroit ni$$s they think somebody is supposed to take care of them!!! I’m not just sum ni$$a off the street! I’m your SISTER, grew up in the same house with you, took care of you, and raised you! You would do this to me! You let these white people see you treat your Sister this way with no conscious, heart, or soul! The way I’ve been bullied, threatened, taunted, harassed, disregarded, and disrespected us totally. ”This is what happens when you FIND YOUR VOICE, DECIDE TO TELL THE TRUTH, and are NO LONGER PROTECTING YOUR ABUSER!!! I’m tired of being quiet, I’m tired of taking abuse in silence to maintain HIS public image! Knowing he’s been lying for the last 26 years! This man has rewritten our Family History with his LIES!” “Has left a wreckage of people behind him who were used and disposed of! You will not get away with disrespecting me or mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially ABUSING ME ANYMORE! Keeping it ALL IN is killing ME! The TRUTH WILL SET ME FREE! Because I’m not living the lie with or about the Man any more! He’s just as real as his hair and his teeth!! To sell your Sister out and try to force her out of Our Mom’s Home! That our Mother ABSOLUTELY did not want sold is a straight up DISGRACE and DISHONOR to Our MOTHER!…”This Man Jalen called me a squatter(in this video)2xs in front of a white woman who was a complete stranger!! SQUATTER??? REALLY?? I’ve lived here since 2019! Happily and was Honored to be ABLE to take care of My Mother and Grandmother in this Home until they BOTH PASSED!”

Some people think Tamar Rose is filled with too much entitlement as the brother has every right to sack him from the house because he brought it with his hard-earned money.

Well we just hope Jalen Rose rescinds his decision and remember regardless blood is still thicker than water

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