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Jake Paul Blames Drake’s $400K Bet For His Loss Against Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Blames Drake's $400K Bet For His Loss Against Tommy Fury

The best indicator for a sports team or an athlete to lose in recent times is for Drake to bet on them. Jake Paul suffered that fate yesterday after Drake placed a $400K bet on him to win the boxing match against Tommy Fury, only for Fury to end up winning the match with points. The Drake curse is real, guys. Drake is a serial bet loser; although he has profited financially, the rapper has constantly lost all his predictions in the past.

Drake broke the case and won big in the just-ended Super Bowl LVII, but he lost woefully when he betted on his friend yesterday. The curse is back!

Jake Paul did not hesitate to jokingly make reference to the Drake curse when asked about his loss and his friend’s huge bet. According to Jake, Drake is to be blamed for his loss. Yes, we all blame Drake!

However, Paul just like all athletes, made a promise right after the match to go against Fury in a rematch, and possibly get Drake his money back.

Via Daily Mail;

Jake Paul joked he was cursed by Drake betting $400k on him to beat Tommy Fury in their boxing match on Sunday after his defeat on points to the Brit in Saudi Arabia.

The Canadian rapper would have pocketed a stunning $1.2million if Paul had done the business in the ring, but he lost on points against Fury.

Speaking in a post-fight press conference, Paul was told about his friend’s huge bet.

‘F***! This is Drake’s fault!’ Paul said, laughing. ‘Drake, bro, why did you do this to me?

‘No, it’s my fault. 400,000 is nothing to him – he has won a lot more money betting on me before. He’s probably about even now. Sorry Drake, I’ll get that W in the rematch.’ 

Drake shared the details of his big-money bet on social media earlier on Sunday with the fight only hours away.

Drake’s gambling selections were once something he was mocked for – he picked so many losers that fans would joke about the ‘Drake curse’.

In recent times, he appeared to have turned a corner after he backed Argentina to win the World Cup final against France – although his bet didn’t win because the game was won on penalties – and for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl earlier in February.

But now, after Paul’s defeat, many will wonder if the Drake curse has returned. 

The 36-year-old won just one of his seven Super Bowl bets as the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their second Lombardi in four seasons, and yet still made a profit.

He wagered a total of $965k on the bets, and won $1.477m, making an overall profit of $512k.

Last month, the ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ artist netted a $2m payout by placing a $1m winning bet on the Chiefs to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship. 

However, there have also been some big losses.

In December, Drake bet $1m on Argentina to beat France in regulation in the World Cup final. 

Unfortunately for him, Lionel Messi & Co. beat the French in a dramatic shootout.

Additionally, in November, he threw down $2m worth of Canadian dollars for Israel Adesanya to win UFC 281 over Alex Pereira, who won in the fifth round by knockout.

Tyson Fury also placed a sizable wager on his brother to instead do the business vs. Paul. 

‘I’ve got 100 racks on it for an inside-the-distance stoppage, so if he loses, then I’ll lose 100 bags as well. I’ve got him at 3/1,’ The Gypsy King told iFL TV.

Can Jake get Drake’s money back in the rematch? We will have to wait for that. Stay tuned to TGS for more updates.

Here is Jake Paul blaming Drake for his loss against Tommy Fury:

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