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Jaguar Wright Arrested For Publicly Assaulting Her Husband Gerald Goomba

Jaguar Wright Arrested For Publicly Assaulting Her Husband Gerald Goomba

Jaguar Wright has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent times. In a recent video posted on social media by Jaguar’s husband, Gerald Goomba, the singer popped up on him in a barbering shop and assaulted him after she threw their son’s ashes all over. Gerald claims Jaguar assaulted him until bystanders called the cops and got her arrested.

Jaguar recently took to social media to accuse Jay-Z of murdering his rival Big L as a form of sacrifice to his illuminate gods. But according to Jaguar’s husband, she is into some cult sh-t with one of her friends.

At the time of the assault, Gerald said Jaguar was under the influence and was out of control. Gerald also added that Jaguar nearly killed him a night before the public attack.

The troubled singer is currently in custody for assault and a public misdemeanor.

Via Media Take Out;

Jaguar Wright, a popular R&B singer from the 1990s has been making some pretty outlandish claims against some of the biggest names in Black music. Less than a week ago, she made some pretty shocking comments concerning Jay Z.

Media Take Out confirmed that Jaguar claimed that Jay Z may have been involved in the killing of Big L, a popular New York rapper – who at the time was Jay Z’s chief rival in music. She also claims that Big L’s death was some sort of “illuminati sacrifice,” which Jay Z, Beyonce, and her mother were involved in.

Yesterday, just a few days after Jaguar made those statements – she was arrested by police in New Jersey, and taken into custody. Here’s video of Jaguar being taken down by cops.

Here’s video of Jaguar being taken into custody. Media Take Out has not been able to determine what the charges against Jaguar are, but social media reports say that she got into an altercation with a supporter of Jay and Bey.

Jaguar Wright is an American R&B and neo soul singer, songwriter and narrator. She is part of the Okayplayer collective. Wright has performed and collaborated alongside rap acts such as The Roots, Jay-Z, and Blackalicious. She was born and raised in New Jersey before moving to Philadelphia at around 12 years old.

Here’s details of the fight. Jaguar and her husband got into it with a man, and during the fight, Jaguar reportedly thew an urn containing the ashes of her deceased son on the man.

At 45, this is no childishness but a mental illness. The irony in Jaguar being arrested for almost murdering her husband after she publicly accused Jay-Z of masterminding a killing is damning.

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