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Jada Pinkett’s Ex-boyfriend August Alsina Turns Gay And Reveals His New Boyfriend Zu On ‘The Surreal Life’ Show

Jada Pinkett's Ex-boyfriend August Alsina Turns Gay And Reveals His New Boyfriend Zu On 'The Surreal Life' Show

Not sure what Jada Pinkett Smith did to August Alsina during their one-year entanglement, but August Alsina has come out as gay and revealed a fellow R&B singer/model Zu as his new partner. Back in 2019, Jada Pinkett’s non-binary son Jadan Smith introduced his friend August Alsina to his family as a friend in need of shelter. The Smiths family accepted August as sort of a foster child.

That arrangement was a stroke of luck to Jade Pinkett as she took the opportunity to boff her foster child (August) throughout his stay. An affair she shamelessly tagged entanglement instead of cheating. Well, it is not entirely cheating because her husband Will Smith agreed to August f***ing her.

Now back to the present gist, August Alsina referred to Jada as his first love. He was a kinda novice in romance before his infamous affair with his friend’s mother, Jada. Jada basically introduced him to all that love and s-x involved. I’m hinky about the s-x during their affair because August on ‘The Surreal Life Show’ has come out as gay and introduced a young fine man Zu as his new lover.

The dude appears to be enjoying the s-x with Zu better because he was elated while revealing him as his boyfriend. Since Zu is also a singer, the pair has released a steamy song titled 2 AM, seemingly professing their love for each other.

Via Media Take Out;

Jada Pinkett’s former fling August Alsina is now dating a man, Media Take Out has learned and his new bae may be even prettier than Jada.

Yesterday August came out publicly, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and introduced the world to his new ”love”, a man named Zu. Here’s August coming out.

And we have even more tea. Zu is also a R&B singer – and Media Take Out has learned that he and August released a love song together, called “2AM.”

In the track, Zu sings that he’s ”dreaming” about his bae – whom he refers to as ”girl.” Zu sings about how he’s scheming” on his love interest.

The song is pretty rauchy, as Zu also makes reference to the ”last time” the two were together. Zu says that he put his love interest “against the dresser” and makes reference to an** activity.

Then August comes in, and sings about his love interest, notably he says ”I promise I won’t break you” in the track.

Not sure what happened during August Alsina and Jada’s entanglement, but August needs to provide some answers. Was he exploring while with Jada, or was he forced to boff the cougar for shelter?

Here is the viral clip of August Alsina announcing his boyfriend, Zu:

And here are pictures of Alsina’s new boyfriend Zu: Swipe!

And their song, 2 AM:

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