Jackie Appiah And Yvonne Nelson Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Jackie Appiah And Yvonne Nelson Unfollow Each Other On Instagram
Jackie Appiah & Yvonne Nelson

A decade ago, the now-dead movie industry was on the shoulders of the likes and Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and a few others─and these two, Yvonne and Jackie have acted in numerous movies over the years.


But it seems Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah aren’t cool with each other anymore─and a critical look at their social media activities confirm that there is some sort of friction between them.

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Little checks by TheGossipScoop.com on Jackie Appiah’s 36th birthday indicate that Yvonne and Jackie have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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I cannot confirm when they unfollowed each other but currently, they aren’t following each other on Instagram.

It’s Jackie Appiah’s 36th birthday and all most all the celebrities have wished her a happy birthday on Instagram except Yvonne Nelson─what’s happening between these two?

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Yvonne Nelson has pretended as if there is no colleague of hers called Jackie Appiah who is celebrating her 36th birthday today.

Something is definitely not right between Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah but as usual, they are trying to keep it on the low.

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Anyway, happy 36th birthday to Jackie Appiah!

Check the screenshot below.