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Jackie Appiah And 9 Other Ghanaian Actresses With Verified Social Media Accounts

In a world where fraudulent activities have become rampant on social media, it has become very necessary for celebrities with authentic social media accounts to be verified by owners of various social media platforms to boost the trust of social media users when dealing with celebrities.

Social media accounts with verification badges indicate that those accounts have passed through strict laid down procedures and have passed a series of tests and identification.

Social media verification badges add trust and boost the confidence of social media users when interacting with celebrities or companies with verification badges as it is easier to report any abuse or fraudulent activities by such persons or companies to administrators of such social media platforms.

In this article, we’ll look at the female Ghanaian celebrities with verification badges on their various social media pages; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A number of female Ghanaian celebrities have gotten their social media pages verified for obvious reasons that their followers would feel a sense of security when dealing with them as well as for corporate bodies to trust their brands and engage them in partnership deals.

Below are some female Ghanaian celebrities with verified social media pages and in this article, we’ll tell you which of the social media platforms your favourite Ghanaian female celebrities are verified on as well as which social media platforms they aren’t on but have some faceless users with accounts created in the names to deceive social media users.

Since this article is aimed at educating the reader, it is important to know and always remember that a verified social media page is the one with a blue checkmark.

Jackie Appiah: She is one of the most respected Ghanaian actresses who has stayed relevant in the movie industry for decades and has starred in numerous Ghanaian and Nigerian movies with prestigious awards to her name.

According to our thorough checks on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Jackie Appiah operates with two verified social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

On Twitter, there is an account in her name with 26,000 followers but with no verification badge and since it’s not verified, we wouldn’t advise readers or social media users and corporations to deal with that Twitter account. It could be someone else handling the account for reasons best known to him or her.

On Instagram, Jackie Appiah is verified with 6 million followers and following 189 users.

On Facebook, she is verified with 1.9 million followers. We advise that social media users or corporate bodies wanting to interact with Jackie Appiah should do so either on Instagram or Facebook for their own good.

Yvonne Nelson: Thorough checks on social media platforms show that actress Yvonne Nelson operates with verified accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On Instagram, she is verified with 5.4 million followers and following 248 users.

Yvonne Nelson also operates with a verified account on Facebook with 3.6 million followers.

And on Twitter, she is verified with 1.1 million followers. We advise readers and corporate bodies to always make sure that they’re dealing with her verified Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Yvonne Okoro: Actress, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Yvonne Okoro operates with a verified Twitter account with 708,000 followers. On Instagram, she is verified with 2.2 million followers and following 387 users.

Our checks on Facebook show that she is not verified even though a page in her name has 165,000 followers. It’s advisable that users and corporate bodies engage her in serious business on her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Juliet Ibrahim: The Ghanaian Nigeria-based actress also operates with verified Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts according to our checks.

On Instagram, she is followed by 5 million followers and following 1,893 users. With Facebook, she has 133, 925 followers and on Twitter, the actress is being followed by 384,000 users.

In light of the above, it’s therefore advisable for users to interact with Juliet Ibrahim on any of her verified social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Salma Mumin: The Actress is currently operating with a verified Instagram account with 1 million followers and following 500 users according to our checks.

From our checks, she has no verified accounts on Facebook and Twitter even though there are numerous accounts in her name on both Twitter and Facebook.

Users and corporate bodies are therefore advised to interact and engage in serious business with her on her verified Instagram account.

Lydia Forson: She is an Actress, Writer and Activist operating with verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Actress Lydia Forson is verified on Facebook with 318, 997 followers, 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 399.2K followers on Twitter.

We can confidently say that her verified Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are safe for users and corporate bodies to engage with her on business deals.

Nikki Samonas: A few weeks ago, Actress Nikki Samonas lamented over how some faceless people have created social media accounts in her name and scamming vulnerable Ghanaian youths through fake movie auditions.

The best way to avoid being scammed by people using Nikki Samonas’ pictures on social media is to interact with her through her verified Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

She operates with verified accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with followers 519K, 40.3K and 10K respectively.

Tracey Boakye: She is an Actress, Entrepreneur and Movie Producer operating with a verified Instagram account. She is followed by 856K users on Instagram.

Tracey Boakye has no verified accounts on both Facebook and Twitter and again we advise that social media users and corporations to be vigilant when dealing with accounts created in her name on Facebook and Twitter.

Her verified Instagram account should be the appropriate channel for business and bookings.

Moesha Babiinoti Buduong: Unlike most Actresses, Moesha Buduong has clearly added on her verified Instagram account that she has no Facebook and Twitter accounts. Meaning she only operates with her verified Instagram account.

The Actress and Photo model is followed by 1.4 million users on Instagram.

Fella Makafui: She operates with her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts but she is only verified on Instagram and it’s advisable to interact with her on her verified Instagram page rather than the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

On Instagram, Fella Makafui is verified with 1.6 million followers and following 170 users. Her unverified Twitter and Facebook accounts are followed by 60.3K and 198.2K users respectively.

Remember, this article will be updated once a Ghanaian actress’ social media account is verified.


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