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Jack Nicholson Joker Costume

One of Jack Nicholson’s popular movies was Batman which was released in 1989, in that movie he played the joker character.

The character was an unruly character who was fond of always causing problems and passing funny comments. He rocked a painted clown face with a trademark costume alongside a walking stick.


Today we will look at Jack Nicholson’s Joker costume.

Jack at a point in his career switched from shooting action movies to focusing fully on comedy to help reduce depression among her fans.


He delivered beyond expectation with the joker role and recently in an interview he revealed the main reason for taking that role was to frighten the kids he said;

“I was afraid because of my feel about the television series and the way movies tend to be done and talked about. I didn’t want this to go through the normal, ‘Let’s brighten it up for the kids,’. “I thought this was a very strong in every way transitional movie about the genre, and really why they wanted me in there.” My early experience in working for an audience full of children: the more you scare them, the more they like it,” he also said. “The worse you are, the better, because that was my response to the Joker. This is a hateful occurrence, this man if you looked at it literally. Every kid loves this guy, I believe.”

Jack Nicholson’s joker costume can be likened to Jim Carrey’s costume he wore in the Mask movie. A white painted face with red lipstick alongside a suit and tie and a magical stick.


He also wore a hat to cover his multi-colored hair, and really portrayed a funny persona from the outside.

Getting the whitish skin color and red lips wasn’t something he did intentionally, but it was after he slipped into a tank of hard chemical products which in turn discolored him.


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