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Ja Morant Says The Gun He Flexed With In The Nightclub Wasn’t Even His But Who Cares?

Police Investigating Ja Morant After He Displayed A Gun On Instagram Live

In an interview to address the controversies surrounding his personality, Ja Morant has set the record straight that brandishing a gun on his Instagram live was a childish act he regrets because the gun wasn’t even his but one of his security personnel.

So Ja took a gun from his guard and flexed with it on social media and almost lost his career. The dude is indeed a 23-year-old.

Ja continued and told Jalen Rose that although his recent act paints a bad image of him, he is nothing like the events surrounding him and promises to come back as a motivation to many young men looking up to him.

Via Media Take Out;

NBA baller Ja Morant is denying that the gun he brandished in a club and on social media is his.

“The gun wasn’t mine,” Morant told Jalen Rose. “It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I’ve made a bad mistake. I can see the image that I’ve painted over myself with my recent mistakes. In the future I’m gonna show everybody who Ja really is, what I’m about and change this narrative.”

The league has officially suspended Morant for eight games due to a video he posted of himself holding a gun in a nightclub in Colorado. He says he wanted an “escape.”

“Honestly, I feel like we put ourselves in that situation with our past mistakes, and now it’s only right that we focus in and lock in on being smarter and more responsible, holding each other accountable for everything,” Morant said. “I feel like in the past we didn’t know what was at stake. And now finally me having that time to realize everything, have that time alone, I realize that now.”

Has Morant screwed up his career already?

No, he hasn’t; there’s still a chance for him to bounce back. However, he almost messed it up. I’m glad he was called out and has the chance to rewrite his story before it is too late.

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