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Ja Morant Is Heading To Rehab To Get Cleaned From Excessive Hennessy And Tequila Intake Following His Gun Incident

Police Investigating Ja Morant After He Displayed A Gun On Instagram Live

Memphis Grizzlies’ 23-year-old player Ja Morant has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past few days.

The NBA star has been seen brandishing a gun in public while streaming live on Instagram. He was subsequently suspended by the Memphis Grizzlies and will miss two games as a result.

While waiting to go back to the court, Ja is going to rehab to get himself cleaned up from excess alcohol intake, especially Hennessy and luxurious tequilas.

Reports say Ja Morant has always been an alcoholic, but this year has been adverse, so Morant wants to use the suspension period to get himself cleaned. And I really hope this dude gets his sh*t together after the rehab.

Via Media Take Out;

NBA superstar Ja Morant got into a bit of trouble this week, after he was seen on Instagram holding a legal gun.

Now Media Take Out is hearing reports that Ja may be headed to rehab, to get himself straight.

The NBA star is reportedly checking himself into a rehab facility, to help him overcome what is being described as an “addiction” to alcohol, in particular Hennessy and expensive tequila, Media Take Out has learned.

The Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja for two games, after the NBA baller was seen on IG holding a legal registered gun, which belonged to one of his security team, Media Take Out confirmed.

Firearms are legal in the United States, and constitutionally protected. And the states where Ja was seen with firearms, Colorado and Tennessee are both. In both Tennessee and Colordo, a person is not require to obtain a license or register in order to purchase or own a gun, or to hold one.

So Ja didn’t break any laws, despite what irresponsible members of the press are reporting.

Nevertheless, it still wasn’t the smartest thing to do. And the NBA baller is hoping to get himself straight before returning to play ball.

We wish the best to Ja and his family – who are very active in his life and are working to help him get through this minor setback.

It hurt me when Ja put himself in trouble, he is too young and talented to get wasted. I really hope he gets his sh-t together and gets cleaned for good before he puts himself in some irredeemable mess.

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