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It’s Confirmed! Lori Harvey Is Dating Actor Damson Idris

It's Confirmed! Lori Harvey Is Dating Actor Damson Idris

It is another month, meaning it’s time for Lori Harvey to introduce us to her new month as she has been all these all. Lori has been changing famous men almost every month.

This month, Lori has been confirmed as dating Snowfall actor Damson Idris, after making news with several men last month. Women are impressed by her tactic though, just like men are changing the women, Lori is out there changing the men on a monthly basis.

And to keep them from trashing her after she dumped them, she made every single one of them sign a rigid NDA that prohibits them from sharing even mere pictures on social media. To further keep things private from the public, Lori chooses to arrive separately on date nights but somehow gets papped always.

Via Media Take Out;

Lori Harvey stepped out at Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles over the weekend, with her new man, actor Damson Idris. Media Take Out first broke the news last week that the two were dating.

The 25-year-old model was seen arriving at the eatery separately from Damson for the dinner date.

Previously, Lori was linked to Michael B. Jordan, but they ended their relationship earlier this year.

If you’re unaware, Damson is best known for his role on FX’s Snowfall.

Don’t expect Damson to say anything about their relationship. As Media Take Out reported, Lori makes ALL the men she dates – sign an airtight non-disclosure agreement.

“Lori makes [all the men] sign an NDA to make sure that whatever they talk about is personal and confidential,” the source shared.

Some of the things prohibited include sharing any photos or messages exchanged between them, saving any screen captures of their discussions or communications and more.

Despite the NDA, fans seems to be rooting for the relationship – or at least for Lori.

“Lori Harvey is dating Damson Idris?!?! My goodness, she really don’t miss…” one fan shared on Twitter, with another writing, “I respect Lori Harvey. One situation don’t work for her, she trying again somewhere else. This is called dating! I see nothing wrong with it..”

Just like all of Lori’s past relationships, this is likely to end faster than Pete Davidson’s relationships but knowing Lori, she wouldn’t waste time to move on if it ends. She will jump right onto the next single famous man. I commend her on her choice of men though, they are always rich and famous.

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