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It Is Official! Head Of Lettuce Outlasts Liz Truss As UK Prime Minister And British Twitter Can’t Keep Calm

Liz Truss after just a month and some days as the prime minister of the United Kingdom has resigned after failing to carry out the very mandates for which she was elected. Presently, Liz Truss is the shortest-serving prime minister in 300 years of British history and social media can’t keep calm but trolling the hell out of Liz. Before Liz’s resignation on Thursday 13th, many political critics predicted that Liz’s political career will have a sheer life of lettuce. A very short lifespan that can not stand the test of time.

However, after Liz’s resignation, critics follow up on the lettuce investigation. Just to discover that even lettuce can last longer than Liz’s political career. And British Twitter can’t hold it but go wild with the trolls. Presently, fellow politicians are calling out the failed PM Liz not to claim the £155K annual allowance that former PMs are entitled to. According to them, Truss has done nothing to cost such a financial burden to the poor citizens.

Via Junkee:

Liz Truss has been anointed the UK’s shortest-reigning Prime Minister. After a series of calamitous economic policies — and enough party chaos for an entire season of The Thick Of It — led her to resign after just 44 days.

While the tragic comedy of these forty-four days has produced some utterly amazing scenes of political dysfunction. The real star of the show today was the steady British resolve shown by a humble head of lettuce.

After sacking her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng over the weekend. Truss was forecast to experience the most turbulent period in her career, with many predicting she won’t last the week. In response to British commentators who predicted Truss’ career would have the shelf life of a  lettuce, the British tabloid The Daily Star actually set up a live stream of a literal head of lettuce to test the theory.

Lo and behold, despite showing signs of deterioration from the room-temperature environment, today the head of lettuce was victorious.

In some hilarious displays of gallows humour, relieved brits are taking to Twitter to celebrate their new leafy green overlord.

As Truss is a well-known Taylor Swift fan, fellow swifties have been amused by the proximity of Truss’ resignation to the release of Swift’s new album Midnight, with one British television station playing the ex-PM’s favourite song ‘Blank Space’ in a montage accompanying news of her resignation.

Truss’ departure from No. 10 this week could be the tip of the iceberg for the UK’s beleaguered conservative party. With more chaos to come as party whips attempt to find a replacement leader for the country.”

Currently, Tory MP hopefuls need the backing of 100 MPs to enter the race by Monday. Meanwhile, what do you think was Liz’s reason for the early resignations? Genuine guilt of failure or a means to get a free yearly allowance?

Here is how British Twitter is reacting:

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