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Instagram Celebrates 13-year-old DJ Switch On Its 417 Million Page

Instagram Celebrates 13-year-old DJ Switch On Its 417 Million Page

Instagram is celebrating 13-year-old Ghanaian Disc Jockey, Erica Tandoh, aka DJ Switch on its 417 million page on Instagram.

Instagram thinks that DJ Switch has done something remarkable and needs to be celebrated so they’ve posted her on their huge platform to project her to the world.

Here’s what Instagram posted about DJ Switch;

“I feel like I am doing something that creates a galaxy beyond the Andromeda Galaxy.” —13-year-old Erica Tandoh, aka DJ Switch Ghana (@djswitchghana) ⁣

“I’m a person who uses music to connect with people’s souls. My attitude and style of DJing either make you smile or laugh and basically switches up your mood,” says Erica. “My goal is always to pump up the room and people.” ⁣

After winning a TV talent competition, Erica went on to become the youngest recipient of Ghana’s annual DJ award at the age of 10. “I am discovering new versions of myself and passions each day,” says Erica, who also sings, raps, dances, writes poetry, acts and does motivational speeches. She also has her own nonprofit organization, the DJ Switch Foundation, which seeks to change lives through music. ⁣

“The foundation focuses on encouraging quality education, teaching health and well-being, and supporting gender equality globally,” she explains. “I have had the opportunity to become an inspiration to my community, the young people in the world and especially young girls. It means a lot to me to enable other people my age and from places like Ghana to pursue their creativity.”