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Inside Story Of Why Side chick, Georgina Akoto, Was Dragged In The Gutters And Disgraced By Angry Wife, Naa Okaikor On Facebook

Inside Story Of Why Side chick, Georgina Akoto, Was Dragged In The Gutters And Disgraced By Angry Wife, Naa Okaikor On Facebook

Yesterday, there was a whole lot of drama on Facebook! An angry wife boldly posted photos of husband’s side chick, dragged her in the gutters and disgraced her on Facebook for taken away her happiness in marriage from her. has gotten the full gist and juice of the drama on why the wife, Naa Okaikor, took to social media to disgrace and tag the side chick with all sort of nasty adjectives.

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Even though it’s a serious issue and shouldn’t be joked with but at the same time, it’s funny to know that the fight is actually between two wives and a side chick. has been told by a reliable source that the name of the side chick is Georgina Akoto and according to the source, she got pregnant and gave birth with Naa Okaikor’s husband.

Before Georgina Akoto got pregnant, she was allegedly sleeping with the husband of her friend who has been identified as Maame Lydia.

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In short, Georgina Akoto was allegedly sleeping with two married men, her friend, Maame Lydia’s husband as well as Naa Okaikor’s but since she never wanted Maame Lydia to feel betrayed, she had to name Naa’s husband as the father of her child.

Now, here is the funny and dramatic part of the story. According to the source, Georgina Akoto’s child as he is growing has started having close resemblance with Maame Lydia’s husband which somehow is an indication that the child is actually for Maame Lydia’s husband and not Naa’s.

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So now, the two wives whom their husbands allegedly had an affair with Georgina Akoto ── Naa Okaikor and Maame Lydia have teamed up to fight her to come out and tell the truth as to who the biological father of her child is.

We’ve also been told that the side chick, Georgina Akoto, has relocated to another area ── apparently to avoid further embarrassment from these angry wives who are ready to do anything possible to squeeze the truth out of her.

But it seems Georgina Akoto wants to play smart by naming the husbands of Naa Okaikor and Maame Lydia as the biological fathers of her child which is never possible and doesn’t make sense.

Below is a gridded photo of husbands of Naa Okaikor and Maame Lydia and Georgina Akoto’s child.

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