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Ini Edo Finally Breaks Silence Over Accusations That She’s Sleeping With Politician Akpabio And King Of Elegushi

Ini Edo Finally Breaks Silence Over Accusations That She's Sleeping With Akpabio And King Of Elegushi

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, has reacted to the recent accusations made against her. According to Instagram blogger, Gistlover, Ini Edo is sleeping with politician, Akpabio and Oba Elegushi

Rumour also has it that the actress might be Oba Elegushi’s third wife. Reacting to these rumours, Ini Edo said that the accusations are false and fabricated just to drag her in the mud. She also thinks anyone that believes the rumour is gullible.

Here’s what she wrote on Instagram;

“It is hard to understand or comprehend or accept that narcissist are such cold blooded beings..people who derive pleasure in throwing labels at people without getting their facts right. Accusing people falsely is an attempt at destroying that persons life . I have had to deal with these caliber of people from the minute I got into lime light and I’ve learnt to live with it..but the truth is may be destroying the lives of other people in an attempt to destroy mine.You choose to ignore the HUSTLE and focus on things only you imagine in your head and you sell it to gullible people like you to buy…This is not a war you want with me….Trust me..”

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