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Infinix Mobile Extends Shatta Wale’s Ambassadorial Deal By One More Year But He Refuses To Tweet It Because He’s Using An iPhone

Infinix Mobile Extends Shatta Wale's Ambassadorial Deal By One More Year But He Refuses To Tweet It Because He's Using An iPhone

Apparently, Infinix Mobile isn’t bothered about Shatta Wale promoting their smartphones with an Apple product (iPhone)──so they’ve happily extended his ambassadorial deal by one more year.

Last year, Shatta Wale embarrassed himself and Infinix Mobile after he used his iPhone to tweet about his deal with them right after he was unveiled as a brand ambassador.

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After he was called out by some fans and probably, Infinix Mobile, he then made a huge U-turn, logged into his Twitter account with Infinix Android device and tweeted about the good news.

Infinix Mobile has extended their deal with Shatta Wale but he has refused to share it on Twitter obviously because he’s using an iPhone and doesn’t want to be exposed again.

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From our checks, Shatta Wale has shared the good news on his verified Instagram and Facebook pages but on Twitter, he has shunned Infinix Mobile.

Twitter publicly reveals it when a user tweets with an Apple or Android device so Shatta Wale is careful and playing smart this time around.

Since Facebook and Instagram do not show whether a user is using an Android or Apple device to post, Shatta Wale chose to share the good news on these two social media platforms to avoid another embarrassment.

A brand ambassador of Infinix Mobile who uses an iPhone? That’s interesting!

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